April 6, 2008

Beads in the House

Oh, what a beautiful sunny day I have been enjoying. We went clay and bead shopping this morning. I found some awesome copper links of chain, I'm going to antique them and make something spectacular. Went to church this afternoon and enjoyed lunch with the family. Now I'm in my studio for a little quiet time and wanted to share some beads/pendants that make me squeal!

First is Jesse's Skeptic Despite Necklace. Jess mixes religious imagery with his thoughts on struggling as an artist. Fighting the inner critic, living as an artist, creating with intention, he is one deep thinker. Is he a skeptic, sure, is he a person of faith, 100%. Do they mix? If you are human they do.

This pendant is amazing, all 1" of it! Have you ever seen anything so cute? I have a real thing for houses, they symbolize our inner selves, the part we protect from the outside world. I often dream of my grandmother's homes, I think my subconscious is seeking out places that are safe, where we belong. Home is definitely where the heart is for me!

This little work of art is from Lynn Davis, be sure to stop by her new shop, filled with awesome focal beads! In fact this one is mine:

I'm going to mix it with some gunmetal chain and reddish/copper humblebeads for a necklace for myself. Oh, I need more hours in a day!

Old Door Charm from Mamacita Beadworks. I want to order a few of these, I have a plan for a necklace using a key pendant as the focal point and what's a key without a door?

The key is from the Venerable Bead and she is just awesome! She made this special order for me in 1 day.

Okay, so that's the eye candy for today. Tomorrow is the Etsy Texas Crafters 1st Monday sale and I have all sorts of goodies for the Etsy shop that I'll be listing throughout the day. Along with a few surprises! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, I hope it's peaceful and filled with beautiful things.


Fab Fibers said...

Wow, you did find lots of eye candy to show us! And I can't wait for 1st Monday from the Texas Crafters...y'all rock down there! I will be watching your store for sure! Yippee Cayay Cayo!!!

LLYYNN said...

Wow, Heather, thanks for the mention about my teeny house and the new shop! Funny you have Mamacita Beadworks - I got two of her little pewter bird beads to match up with my little birdhouse. Neat how the circle comes back around and closes where it starts - creative synchronicity rocks! LLYYNN