April 26, 2008

Link Back Winner!

Drum roll please...
The winner of the link back contest is Jean Hutter!!!

I used a handy online number generator, thanks mom. Jean won a unique collection of William Morris beads. Jean email me your address!

And since it was a link back contest, here is a little link back love:

All great blogs, I hope you take a minute to visit each one.

I'm feeling mighty nice today, use discount code LinkBack to receive 30% off one item in my Humblebeads Shop. This is only good until May 3rd and only advertised here. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

William Morris Blue Cuff


Jean Hutter said...

OMG - I slept late this morning and look what I miss. I did look yesterday and didn't see the winner and to be honest I never win anything - maybe I better buy a lottery ticket today!!!

Thank you so much Heather - I LOVE, LOVE your beads and I hope I do them justice. I am so excited - this is going to be a good day!!!!!

Lorelei said...

CONGRATS Jean!! I hope you make something awesome with those beads! Make sure to show us the finished product!! :)

White Iris Designs said...

Congratulations Jean! As a former winner of some of Heather's beads, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed in what you receive. Beautiful designs!!

Heather....Thanks for the link back plug...much appreciated!

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