April 1, 2008

Winter Shores

South Haven, Michigan

I'm working on a bracelet for a client using some vintage beads that belonged to her mother combined with a set of my disk beads. The beads she brought were coral, shells and vintage white glass. I loved the muted colors and knew I would do something inspired by the beach.

I love the beach in winter time. It's quiet and there is something wild and untamed about the water and ice that take over the sand. The beach is rough and held back by fences. There seems to be an age old struggle of nature trying to take back the man-made elements forced upon the landscape.

So as always, through my art I work out my nostalgia and longing for home by creating objects that transport me back to those places.

(the beach photos are from flickr, click on the image to see them in greater detail and for the photo credits.)

These two sets of Winter Shores beads can be found in my etsy shop.


Fab Fibers said...

Those are just absolutely beautiful!! I love the colors. The beach is a little colder looking than those, yesterday I drove by and the water temp was 33 degrees...a little chilly!

Anonymous said...

They were already gone when I got there. Boo hoo. Beautiful beads!


veganmaster said...

Breathtaking artwork you've created! I think your disc beads evoke a wistful ocean reminisence that really takes me back. Thanks for sharing :)

woolies said...

georgeous. the jewelry and the beach!