May 6, 2012

Rings & Things Trunk Show

The Rings & Things Trunk Show came to Grand Rapids yesterday and I had been eagerly awaiting for them to roll into town!  I had my little list of must-haves: spacers, tiny faceted beads, wood and chain.  Mission accomplished!  Of course, I found a few surprises: resin strands in pretty muted shades, some lovely kynanite and bronzite faceted beads - yumm!  I had hoped to pick up tiny gemstones, but they were not in my price range at the moment.  My hunt was mostly for things for summer jewelry - more bangles, necklaces with wood and urchins and other beachy inspired things. 

I need a clone, because I would love to have a line of jewelry to sell to some of these beachy tourist towns dotting the Lake Michigan coast.  I had hoped to do the Artist Market here in town, but found out I missed the deadline.  Yep, definitely need the clone!

I didn't have to shop alone this weekend.  My sweet auntie Rosanne and my friend Heather (you may know her as the Peacock Fairy) drove to GR to spend the day with me.  They have no idea how much I needed some time to play and create! 

I showed them how I make my seed bead bangles and we enjoyed playing with beads and visiting all afternoon.

Rosanne was so productive - until Words with Friends called her name!

Here are the three bangles Rosanne made.

And the ones I whipped up yesterday.  This set features one of my Dandelion beads, a nice chunky raku bead from MAKU and an owl from PatinaWorx.

Here are a few bangles I made last weekend while hanging out with my sister.  We took a long drive to Muskegon and I made some of them in the car.  Then we watched Grimm all night while I worked on a few more piles. 

She kept slipping them on, I wasn't sure they were going to come off - but eventually she gave them back.  With the promise that I would make her set.  Nothing like having a jewelry-maker for a sister!


peacockfairy said...

Fun, fun! I'll have to do a post of the ones I made. I'll definitely be making more!

Sandra Young said...

So many little time!

Love your bracelets.

TesoriTrovati said...

So jealous! You girls look like you had a blast. I love to go to the road show. Unfortunately it never comes close enough for me to get there. Love what you bought and look at you go with the bangles! Love them all! Enjoy the day!

Courtney said...

your bangles with your urchins are so wonderful!!!

Off the Beadin' Path said...

Wow, love all of the bangles! Tell Auntie Rosanne I said Hi and that I liked her bangles - a lot!! That urchin bead is really working for you, also. I never would've thought to put the gorgeous Dandelion bead on a bangle like that, nice statement!! Great stash from the trunk show, please just make it up and show us!

Jewels By Ine said...

You bought some nice beads!! And it seems like you had a wonderful day :)

Russ Nobbs said...

Thanks, Heather, for the kind remarks about the Rings & Things Bead show. I'm glad you had a good time.
I'd like you to check out the Rings & Things blog, too. Several of the creative folks working for me are pushing the envelope with some techniques we are learned by trial and experimentation.
You are welcome to use or adapt any that catch your fancy.
--Russ Nobbs