May 14, 2012

Swept Away

Inspired by the print on the dress in the painting 'Boreas' by John William Waterhouse. I was drawn to the design on the dress in this artwork and found myself sketching it several times while I let this inspiration sink into my heart. I wanted to create a pendant that captured the wind-blown and carefree spirit of the painting.

Some painting just make me sigh.  They pick at things deep in my brain and whisper things to my heart.  Once upon a time I would conjure up words like aesthetic experiences and the sublime - art touches my soul in such a spiritual way.  It's never just a pretty picture on a wall or more likely, on my computer screen.  I take in those pieces of artwork, I see the artist's touch, search for their message, find beauty that makes me want more than what the everyday and ordinary present us.  

I get swept away.  

I hope in some way, my love of artwork translates into my beads and jewelry.  That in some way that euphoria that catches me up in a painting finds its way into inspiring you when you create with my beads.

And just like an artist, I love creating in collections and exploring a series and theme to round out my body of work. I felt like purple would be a great variation of this pendant and I have a traditional red poppy that is waiting a little more paint.  I was also considering doing a peach color.  I don't know why but navy blue, dusty purple and peach/melon always appeal to me. Throw in rustic wood beads or smoky quartz faceted beads, some chain and sari ribbon and I'm feeling like my inner boho chic is ready to go.

If these speak to you, you can find them in my Etsy shop.


Malin de Koning said...

I love it! It's gorgeous! Beautiful!

Jo said...


Regina said...

Wow, you have captured the essence of the painting perfectly.

Sandra said...


Tealwater said...

Your work is just gorgeous!! The links to Etsy don't work though, I would like to see your Etsy shop. Thanks, Cory