March 13, 2007

Spring Beads

Okay, so I guess wishes are beads because my table is now full. Rings & Things shows are always filled with tons of semi-precious stones. So that's what I stocked up on and findings, but you didn't want to see pictures of headpins, did you? Oh, I did get all sorts of copper and blackened brass findings. Here is the new bead stash burning a whole into my table, just waiting for me to come bead.

Stones, pearls, wood and copper beads.

A HUGE carved jade pendant, 3 inches wide.

Various stone pendants

Yes I did find some birds, at the local stamp/paper arts store. They were bright brass and I blackened them with Silver/Black Patina. They are so tiny. Won't they look cute with these?

Here are some beads with the branches theme that I made last week.
So that's my bead table. Show me what's on your table awaiting some of your creative flair. Post about it on your blog and put a link in my comments section.


Anonymous said...

What are those large square stones under the amazonite? Bugger.. and I wasn't going to go to Rings and Things next month cause I had made up my mind I wasn't getting anymore stone stuff. Oh woe is me!
Aunt Rosanee

Heather Powers said...

Hi Rosanne,
It's natural rainbow amazonite.
It was a hunt, but I found all sorts of cool things.

Beverly Herman said...

You found some wonderful treasures!
I can't wait to see what you design with them. I love your new humblebeads. I hope you are bringing some with you on the cruise (hint)

Tari of said...

Great finds at R&T! I am a purple freak so I always look at the amethyst. The budget had to settle for flourite instead.
Your new branch beads are fantastic.

d-c-designs said...

I love the branches on the beads. And those little white flowers are my fav of all of course. Don't you just love lining up all your new treasures like that. I do the same thing after a big shop. :) Happy Beading!

Heather Powers said...

thanks for the nice comments everyone. can't wait to make more branch beads. :)

Stacy Olson said...

Great article thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog daily thanks

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