September 27, 2007

beads and memories

Bead of the Day:
Down by the River Lentil Bead

I created this series of beads for a collaboration project that I'm working on with another bead artist and designer.

I wanted to make a cane that reminded me of the bubbles and foam near the edge of brooks and rivers. I put the leaves on a teal background, like twigs caught on a current.

It's funny how some beads can trigger memories. When I look at this series I'm transported back to when I was a little girl. My dad lived near the edge of some woods. My cousins and I would spend hours out there imagining worlds among the trees, discovering little hidden places and exploring next to the small brook that bubbled and gurgled quietly in the summer. I can smell wet dirt, feel the crunch of leaves that had long fallen, see the dappling of the sun through the branches.

Beads are like that, magical little creations that can transport us to a different time and place.

1 comment:

Vintage Blue Studio said...

I love this bead so much I went and bought it! I cant wait to make a necklace with it!