December 31, 2007

Year of the Beads

Beady greatness from 2007

1. Project in BeadStyle - Eclectic Mix

2. Named as an Editor's Top Pick in Beads 2007

3. Bead Cruise 2007

4. Proclaiming Bead Week
5. Starting the Art Bead Scene

6. My Etsy shop

7. William Morris Beads

8. My first real Bead Show

9. Thickets & Thistles

10. Cover of BeadStyle's 365 Earrings

Looking forward to what 2008 will bring!


Anonymous said...

Your beads are so inspiring!

I like the way you get such depth from your layering :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for models of earrings
Thank you for your blog which is a true source of inspiration