January 5, 2009

Home Again

For those junior detectives out there, you may have already pieced together the clues that I have been in Michigan for the last two weeks. How can two weeks pass so quickly? I enjoyed every minute of it. The picture perfect snowy Christmas, the time with family, all my adorable nieces and nephews, beading with my mom and aunt, even better - bead shopping with them! And giving my brain a rest for two weeks - just what I needed to recharge.

And charge it is, full steam ahead to start off 2009. I have about 8 weeks until the Bead Cruise. At least I keep thinking in my state of denial that I have 8 weeks left. I have many things to finish up this week. This event takes a year of planning and now is the time to bring all that work into fruition. Hardly seems right that I have another vacation in 2 months, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Although I have to admit the Bead Cruise is a ton of work on board too, but I love every minute of it.

While I was at the grocery store stocking up on provisions last night, I spied the latest issue of Stringing. And who should appear before my eyes, why my little Hoot in a feature on owl beads. Be sure to check it out the next time you are at the book store or if you have a snazzy little grocery store like mine!
Now, I'm dusting the virtual shelves of Humblebeads.com. I flipped the store sign over to say, "Yes, We're Open." I'm looking forward to making beads again, I've missed my daily squish of clay and color.


Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Welcome back, Heather! Happy New Year!

Beverly Herman said...

Welcome home. Glad we got to spend Christmas together!!!

Beverly Herman said...

Happy New Year!!

Rosanne said...

Those two weeks did fly by for sure. I'm thinking you really only have seven weeks before the cruise! Should we crown you the Queen of Denial? hahaha!

Anonymous said...

In the words of Vicky from Real Housewives of Orange County (gotta love my trash TV...)....WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO! Bead Cruise is SOOO close...I am excited to see you guys again :o) And, even though I just had a nice long weekend away, I am ready for another vacation :o)

I'm glad you had a good time hanging with the fam in Michigan! Happy New Year and see you soon :o)

Heather Powers said...

thanks everyone, it's been a busy week. I'm glad to sleep in my own bed again!