July 6, 2009


She's got eggs, and she knows how to use them.
Okay, I'll spare you my ZZ Top impersonation and just let you continue to stare at these little beauties in peace and quiet.
In my Etsy shop and ready to find their way to your nest.


Anonymous said...

they look like candies, yum

Rosanne said...

Cadbury eggs...yummy!
If we bite them will chocolat pour out? I love the eggs!

Jeannie said...

These are eggstrodinary.

Beverly Herman said...

you have beautiful eggs Miss Humblebeads!

Cindy said...

Hi Heather
Love the reference to ZZ Top...reminds me of that music challenge you had a while back with this blast from the past! Your new eggs are adorable.

Pat de Verre said...

Love these little eggs in pomymer. Congratulations for your stunning and origninal idea.