November 29, 2010

Earring Invasion

I have been like a little Christmas elf over here burning the midnight oil.  I'm doing a show this weekend - Hecho a Mano here in San Antonio.  I think this is my 5th year.  A portion of the sales benefit the Guadalupe Cultural Center.  I've made 85 pairs of earrings over the last week.  As you can see, I take one design and do it up in 3-6 different colors.  I work in assembly line fashion to get them done quickly.

Here are 3 new styles for this year using 20 gauge sterling silver wire, I used the entire spool that I snagged from Rings & Things!

Spirals - these are my favorites, they look like little pieces of candy.

For these ones I made a ball at the end of the wires and hammered them.

And ones that have hammered paddles on the bottom.

Tagged and bagged.  (Okay did I mention Jess watched a 1/2 a season of Warehouse 13 while I worked on these.  What a goofy show, it's like X-files meets Eureka.)

Hecho a Mano (means 'made by hand' in Spanish) is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I will list the earrings left over in my Etsy shop next week.  I'm looking forward to meeting people, seeing the art work and doing a little Christmas shopping myself!

Today is the last day to shop for jewelry in my shop, everything will be taken down until next Monday.


TesoriTrovati said...

Love the new designs! I have a similar look on my table (with loads of Humblebeads I might add) but I have made only a handful compared to your 85. WOW! That is a lot of ears! Enjoy the day!

Spirited Earth said...

this is an amazing display of earrings. i love the spiraled ones..but all are gorgeous
good luck with the show.

Outstanding Stranger said...

Boy you have been a busy little elf..Me too, I just made 30 pair's of earrings. Love the little egg n' nest..Stop over and check out mine. I am new to this and would respect your opinion. Love and Hugs, Diane

SummersStudio said...

Gorgeous and especially love the spirals.

Unknown said...

You were a machine this past week! And I'm digging the spirals, too :)

planettreasures said...

Look at all those lovely earring slined up and ready to go!
I love he spiral ones - they are such fun.
Hope the show goes really well for you.

Unknown said...

Wow! That is a huge effort - and they look great!!!

Alice said...

And what an invasion! You've been busy for sure.

I'm getting ready to make a bunch with the beads I just received in the mail from you--can't wait!

Elaine said...

I always love to see the masses of goodies people make! And these are some lovely earrings Heather, nice work!

Silver Parrot said...

Holy crap! They really DO look like they are invading...but so cute!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Wow Heather that pile of gorgeous earrings represents a ton of work from start to finish! Great job, bet they will sell like crazy this season!