June 24, 2011

Hello Again

I kinda eased my way back into the studio today.  There is always a little funk when trying to get back into a routine after traveling.  I sorted through beads and organized inventory.  I puttered around and filled a muffin tray with treasures from Bead & Button.  I'm wrapping my head around upcoming plans, things that need to happen, things I'm super excited about, opportunities that floated into my life like dandelion seeds on a summer breeze.  Over the last few weeks I have enjoyed my family and favorite places.  Sorted through my priorities and where I want to head over the next 6 months - how is 2011 almost half over?

I'm trying to let go of things that are weighing me down.  Sorting through what is important and what's holding me back.  My biggest goal right now is trying to eliminate stress and cut out things that I don't need to do any longer.  I am way too busy and I hate it.  Really, really hate it.  The workaholic in me has received a smack down from the mother in me - the one that is telling me to take care of myself first or I won't be able to take care of anything else.  Am I the only one that has these crazy talks with myself? 

There is also the girl in me who wants to enjoy summer and find balance between work and family.  I want to sip ice tea from a glass jar and eat juicy watermelon, corn on the cob and big red tomatoes hand plucked from the farmer's market.  I want to string fairy lights in my backyard, pull out a table and dine alfresco.  There is the girl in me that wants to spend the end of the day sitting in a pool.  And listen to cicadas sing their summer song at night.  I want to lay my head down at night on a cool crisp pillow and not worry about tomorrow but close my eyes and think of how wonderful today was.  I want to be carefree and happy-go-lucky.  I want things simpler. 

How do I get from where my life is to where I want it to be?  I wish I knew an easy answer for that.  I guess it's mostly just a matter of being in the moment and letting go.


Grubbi said...

Can totally relate. It's so hard to find and maintain a balance with all the things in life that need to be a priority. Hope you manage to achieve it a little over the coming months. The pool sounds fabulous! Count me in! (I wish I had a pool so bad!)

Malin de Koning said...

You sure must be a work-oholic. Otherwise you wouldn't get so much done. There is also something very very positive in that. That you should appreciate. You do achieve things.You are also a very clever/smart business woman, and I admire you greatly for how you run your business and promote yourself and your products. You have a true passion for what you do, and for art beads in general. That comes across strongly and is very attractive. The fact that you started Art Bead Scene which has become so big internationally is really impressive. ABS is benefitial for everyone who is involved. The bead artists, the jewelry makers, the contributors, other bloggers (like myself) and so on. It is probably spreading positive effects a lot wider than we are able to see. I salute the work-oholic in you.

However I also totally relate to you struggling with finding balance between work and family. I think it is built into our systems to constantly feel that we are not there enough for our children.

And the need to be in the now and enjoy your ice tea and just look at pretty flowers and listen to the sounds of nature.

I don't have an answer either, on how finding balance between all these things. But I believe that the way you are going about it is the best way. Thinking about and setting up the most important goals, will automatically make you go in that direction.

How about that shop you are dreaming of? I am also dreaming of it actually. It would be the best shop in the world. I'd cross the ocean to visit it.

You WILL find greater balance. You are so wise, and competent. I have faith in you reaching to where you want to be.


somethingunique said...

Hi Heather, as to save all that typing so i can go fill my muffin tin i dido everything Malin just said. I couldn't have said it better myself, although i have only been a part of this community of bloggers since March i am really finding it inspiring and can't wait to see where i end up!
take care and take a sip & dip for me Heather!
ttfn Lana ;)

Bonnie Kreger at B-LEE KREATIONS said...

Heather, take two margaritas and watch the sunset. Works every time. :0)

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Welcome back, Heather! Looks like you guys had a great vacation. Your photo collage is beautiful.

I think as mothers and women we all seem to struggle with the "not enough time in the day" syndrome. I know I certainly do! All I can suggest to you is to pace yourself. Do what "needs" to be done first, then do what you "want" to do after that.

Enjoy your weekend!

quickcer said...

Hi Heather--Welcome back. Looks like you had a wonderful time on your trip. I can really relate to your stress. I was a total workaholic for years and it took a friend of mine to help me gain balance in my life. The trick is to have it all but not necessarily at the same time. Take mini vacations every day from your work and enjoy a couple of things on your list. Your list of items includes everything your love including work. Pamper yourself everyday and over time the balance in your life will come. I am retired now from work, but I will always remember the feeling of stress and guilt whenever I wanted to take a day off, not be 100 % available and that stress ate into my "happy" space. Take time for the cicadas, daydreams and naps. So very important.

TesoriTrovati said...

I am the wrong person to give advice. I see that you were penning this at 2:04 am. About the same time I was penning my post for today.

I have no balance in my life. I do feel like I am spiraling out of control. I don't take care of myself. I don't spend enough time with the people that are important to me. I need to reprioritize.

It looks like a wonder-filled trip. And yes, I hope you get to where you are going fast! I want to see what that state is like across the lake but I need an excuse to go visit! (Hint, hint!)

I never have my summers or days free so it is really hard for me to even imagine lounging by a pool, or running through sprinklers or all that fun stuff. But I like the sound of it. And if all else fails, those two margaritas that Bonnie suggests sound good, as long as they are split with friends.

Enjoy the day, Heather!

Heather Powers said...

These words mean more to me than I can say. Thank you for the encouragement and kindness.