November 27, 2013

5 Beaded Ornament Tutorials and Holiday Sale News

This is it, the start of all the holiday hustle and bustle.  I'm a fan of the merry making, the decorating, the gift-giving and the magic of this time of year.  What I'm not a fan of is that every where I go I feel like my holiday is overrun with commercials and in your face advertising. Hello jingle bells, if you know what I mean!  I do love a good sale, but I want it mixed in with nostalgia or warm fuzzy feelings, not the pressure to perform by giving the perfect gift.  I'm also more likely to buy handmade or support my local businesses.  We live in a very small tourist town and they need all the support they can get this time of year! 

If you haven't read How to Unplug the Christmas Machine, I highly recommend it for finding ways to add more meaning back into your holidays, no matter how you celebrate them.  It's all about honing in on what makes this time of year meaningful and special to you and your family and how to unplug from commercialism, other people's expectations and your own unrealistic expectations to create that mythical 'perfect' holiday. It's a good how-to on bringing more peace and joy into your celebrations this year and I'm all about that!

The start of our holiday is always an ornament making party, sometimes it's just Jess and me and other times it's a full blown fete with the whole gang.  This weekend we will enjoy a big to-do with aunts, my mom,  sisters, daughters, cousins and nieces.  I will be scouring Pinterest today for a project that we can all create.  Last year we felted ornaments.  I'm thinking maybe owls will take over this year, but we will decide tomorrow during our Thanksgiving dinner - because hey, they family that crafts together, stays together! 

Here is a round up of past Humblebeads Ornament Tutorials:

Woodland Ornaments

If you are starting your holiday shopping or gift making this week I am offering 20% off all my shops until Monday. This weekend I'm sharing a few new projects and inspirations so stop by on Saturday before you head off to enjoy your day or subscribe to my blog through BlogLovin or like my Facebook page

Humblebeads Etsy Shop - Here you will find holiday beads and best sellers here.  I will also have a few new beads on Monday. - Shop my entire line, most beads are made-to-order. - See my latest collection of jewelry and one-of-a-kind designs.  We put together a few handy gift-guides on the site.

Humblebeads Jewelry on Etsy - Here you'll find some of my best sellers along with sale items.  I will be adding sale items on Monday for a huge sample sale!

The details: Use discount code MERRY20 at any of the above shops.  If you order from more than one shop, the excess shipping will be refunded. Sale orders will ship out on Monday and Tuesday.

Sale goes through Monday and cannot be used for custom orders or past orders. 

In case you are wondering I have returned here to blog again, it's too complicated keeping things separate.  You'll find beads, crafts, jewelry, trends and a little bit more about my life - because gosh darn it, I actually got away from the bead table this year and starting enjoying more of the world around me.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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