December 8, 2013

Limited Edition Pet Ornaments

Deck the halls...

So after I was playing around with woodland ornaments the other day, I was struck by the genius idea of pet ornaments.  Because uh, hey that's a whole lot of cute and I'm on an all-cute-all-the-time kind of holiday diet at the moment!

Westie, Scotty and Schnauzers Dog Ornaments

I started out with a few pets that were part of our family and then I shared them on Instagram and Facebook and you all know how we love our pets!  So I had lots of ideas requests and ideas rolling around and photos being shared that inspired some of my collection.

 Pug, English Bulldog and Boston Terrier

 Pit Bull and Lab

 Yorkie, Beagle and Doxie (Dachshund)


 There was a request for a lop eared bunny, how could I pass that up!

And then I thought, oh well why not have a few ways these can be customized, like a name or year or holiday saying.

 Or even one painted in the same colors as your furry friends.  This is my little Oliver. 

It's been interesting to learn about the different breeds. I have a German Shepherd and a few other cats coming soon.

This shows the size difference from the little woodland ornaments.  The pet ornaments are just ornaments where the other ones can also be pendants.

You can find all these sweet holiday goodies in my Etsy shop. They are made to order and you'll need to order before December 15th to get these before Christmas.  I can't accept any more requests for breeds or any customizing other than a name or coloring. 


Lucy said...

Love these! if you could make one with a black & tan miniature Pinscher, I would be first in line to buy it!
hugs Lucy

baymoondesign said...

Too cute!

Doreen said...

These are just unbelievably adorable!!!