February 17, 2014

Mojo Challenge Week 1: Challenges & Contests

This week is about stepping up and entering a challenge or contest.  Nothing stretches my creativity more than a few boundaries to reel me in and get me focused.

Your Assignment: 
Pick a contest or challenge, make something or start something! Blog about it or share your entry on the Facebook group.

Here are a my top picks for contests & challenges:

Blog hops are a great place to start, they are no pressure, a fun way to meet new bloggers, they give you a little creative jump start, sometimes there are prizes involved and it's a nice way to break out of your comfort zone.

Art Bead Scene Challenge
Challenge of Music Blog Hop

Blog hops also can be quite the multi-taskers. You get some social media exposure, a new finished piece of jewelry to sell and often a chance to win a prize. 

If you participate in this month's Art Bead Scene challenge and use Humblebeads in your design you can enter to win a gift certificate from Humblebeads.com. Read the details here.

*If you are hosting a bead/jewelry blog hop free free to leave a link  in the comments below or in the Facebook group.

Bead Star
Bead Star is the competetion hosted by Interweave Press.  There are several categories with all sorts of awesome prizes and the added bonus of seeing your work in print if you are a finalist. 

Bead Dreams
Oh, this is the big one right? Bead & Button sponsors this contest each year that covers beadmaking and jewelry designs.  The finalists are amazing.  This is the contest to design that crazy, over the top piece of jewelry that you've been dreaming about.  Big, bold, amazing techniques, this is the place to step up like an Olympic Athlete and show your best.   I'm planning to enter this year, I have a big crazy necklace in mind.

Uncommon Goods Jewelry Design Contest
This is a monthly contest that could really add a big boost to your business if you win.  Keep the designs interesting, but something you could reproduce a 100 times if you had to or could hire someone to make them. I enter this one often, I haven't made the finals yet - but I keep trying!

Mojo Challenge Facebook Group

To enter this week use the InLinkz Tool or leave a comment below if you are participating only on Facebook.



TesoriTrovati said...

Thanks for the shout out to the Challenge of Music, Miss Heather! Always room for more!
I host two other challenges that are monthly.
Pretty Palettes on the Halcraft Blog
Use Halcraft beads (Bead Gallery at Micheals) and create something within that palette. Reveal Feb 26th
We're All Ears on the Earrings Everyday blog
This is the first month of this new challenge to make earrings based on an inspiration. But hurry up! The reveal is this Friday, February 21st!
Enjoy the day!

Shai Williams said...

I am participating in a Patina Hop on the 28th and Erin's Challenge of Music on the 1st. I also have my design laid out for the Art Bead Scene using one of your beads :)

Anonymous said...

Just added a link to the blog post I wrote this weekend for this month's Art Bead Scene. This is one of my favorite on-going challenges!
Looking forward to more of your creativity boosters.


Unknown said...

Darn it! Well I would have loved to enter Heather's Contest as I am a huge fan of hers but all them sound like fun and such a challenge! I am just coming out of the shadows and learning so much along the way. I'm dipping my toes into the water as I am not ready to start splashing about in my big feet. So I will wait for another time and try another contest at a later date. Have fun!!

Alice said...

I'm participating withe Erin's Challenge of Music in March and also her monthly earring challenge.

CraftyHope said...

I did the Earrings Everyday challenge. It's just a little something. I also participated in the Clay Face challenge that Therese (of Therese's Treasures) challenges us with. The reveal for that is next week though.
Thanks for the prompt, encouragement, and reminder of all the challenges that are out there to get our creative juices flowing!!

macmillanmarie said...

I took part in the We're All Ears Challenge. Great fun - you can see my post on earrings everyday. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lilik Kristiani said...

For week 1, I joined Monthly Challenge host by myself =)

Here the reveal day at the end of Feb...


Lori Anderson said...

The Bead Soup Blog Party is going on now (http://www.prettythingsblog.com/2014/05/welcome-to-8th-bead-soup-blog-party.html)

I'll also be having another Bead Hoarders Blog Hop towards the end of summer (www.PrettyThingsBlog.com)