March 12, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday

There may be 6" of new fallen snow outside my window, but in my mind I'm already lazing on tropical beaches in the Bahamas.  My bead table this week is filled with prep work for the Bead Cruise.

On the Bead Cruise we have a costume party every year and this year the theme is Disco.  So I needed some crazy, long golden and big ol' hoop earrings to go with my ensemble! Check out my Disco Dance Fever Pinterest Board for some fun.

I also made a starfish bracelet that was going to go in the Bead Cruise booklet but got chopped due to space limits. I will write up the tutorial for the Art Bead Scene when I get back from the cruise.  It features a sweet pendant from my friend Erin (Tesori Travoti). There are also beads from Genea and BlueberriBeads. The back of the starfish says, "Refresh Your Soul." That's just what the sun, sand and surf will do, that and hanging out with 50 amazing bead-obsessed cruise buddies. Nothing like kindred spirits to refresh the soul.

And then, we are working our tails off on orders and stocking up for the cruise.  Yep, that's my Wednesday.  You can't even SEE the table tops around here - don't be fooled by my neat and tidy presentation above.

Bead Table Wednesday is a fun way to connect with other beady creatives. You can share your bead table or work in progress - messy or staged. There are no rules! Share your post  below or on Instagram. Use the hashtag #beadtablewednesday. 

So what's on your bead table?

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elisabeth said...

Haven't done this is a while and am excited to get involved again!

A Polymer Penchant said...

I confess I am a wee bit envious that you are escaping winter and in such a fun way so soon. I'll keep dreaming. Safe travels!

Sarajo Wentling said...

Ugh. I never got to my bead table on Wednesday, but I did get some shopping done for the cruise... and just because!