May 26, 2014

Mojo Challenge Week 11: Characters Welcomed

This is going to be a fun challenge! I love seeing when designers show off their work that has made it on a TV show, movie or worn by a celeb. It fascinating to see how they capture the essence of a character with beads and metal.

Your Assignment: 
Create a piece of jewelry inspired by a celebrity or pop culture character.  The character can be from a TV show, movie or book.  Fun, right? Ask yourself - what would she wear and go to town making it.

Earrings inspire by Katniss from the Hunger Games.

Tips for Designing for a Character:
Start by doing a little research.  What kind of clothing or jewelry did the character wear in the book or movie?  Create a pin board to gather images, outfits, photos or other inspiration of your heroine.  Was there something meaningful to the character - a symbol, a place, etc. that you can tie into a piece of jewelry?

If you are going for your favorite celeb gather together photos of her styled for the red carpet and candid shots.  Is this a piece of jewelry she would sport at an awards show or one she'd wear out to lunch while dodging the paparazzi?

Have you noticed throughout the Mojo Challenge what a great tool Pinterest can be for designers? Use it for research, to pull together mood/style boards and ultimately to reach out to women who will love your jewelry.  If you don't have an account and you sell jewelry online - take advantage of the best tool for online sellers.

Share your progress!
If you write a blog post about your Week 11 Challenge share the link by clicking on the blue button below.  If you don't have a blog leave a comment here to let me know you participated in the Facebook group this week.

What is the Jewelry Mojo Challenge? Click here to read all about it.  Can you still join? Yes! You can follow along and do all 12 weeks or pick and choose the ones you find

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