July 28, 2014

Wire Oval Earrings Project & Giveaway Winner

Need another earring inspiration? This one uses steel wire and a tiny spacer bead to create earrings that pack a punch!

8-10mm polymer clay spacer beads
50" annealed steel wire
2 gunmetal earwires
Steel wool and Renaissance Wax

Tools: 1" wooden dowel, wire cutters, round and chain nose pliers.

Prep your wire:
Run the steel wool down the length of the wire, varying the amount of polishing as your go up and down the wire with the steel wool and seal with light coat of wax. 

1. Cut 25" of wire. Leave a 4" tail on one side of the wire and start wrapping the wire around the wooden dowel, wrap 5 times. Position the wire so the ends are on the top, and squeeze the sides of the wire to form an oval.
2. At the center of the top of the oval, wrap the smaller wire around the ovals three times to secure them. Pull the small end of the wire straight up.
3. Wrap the longer end of the wire around the small end of the wire and create two tight wraps. String on the spacer bead, trim excess wire and create a simple loop at the top of the spacer bead. Continue wrapping the long end of the wire several times under the spacer bead to fill in any gaps.
4. Open the loop at the top of the earring and slip on the earwire, close loop. 

Resources: Humblebeads: Tiny Peacock Spacers
 Steel wire: Ace Hardware stores. 
Earwires: Rings & Things.

Thank you to everyone who played along last week and pinned their favorite earring designs. By the power of the random.org generator the winner is Catherine Vrchota. Catherine, please email for your $30 gift certificate.

And because I so appreciate
everyone else playing along last week, if you pinned 3 or more pairs of earrings email me for a special $5 gift certificate to use on your next order. 

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