October 16, 2014

Art Bead Scene's October Challenge

Today the editors of the Art Bead Scene have risen to the monthly challenge over on our blog. This month I picked this colorful and playful painting by Milton Avery. I have to say it's the color that grabbed me when I first saw this painting. It captures a surreal palette that definitely excludes the excitement of the season. 

To play along I made beads inspired by the painting. I created this necklace with my bead, a leaf headpin from Thornburg Studios, enamel accents from Gardanne and a ceramic bead from White Clover Kiln. 

Here are the rest of the beads I created for the challenge. These are a very limited edition. Once they are gone, that's it! I will have them in my Etsy shop in just a bit.

This month the Art Bead Scene has mixed things up a bit with our challenge. We are now using Pinterest as the place to show off your entries. And there is a bead category for beadmakers to enter. So jump on over to the Art Bead Scene to check out the challenge and see what everyone else made this week! And then pull out those beads and play along.

Art Bead Scene October Challenge
Art Bead Scene Editor Blog Hop


Tari of ClayButtons.com said...

Heather, your beads are beautiful! I love that all the elements of the painting are in each bead.
Thanks for the nudge to participate this month :)

Mary Harding said...

Great beads Heather!! It is amazing that you could match all those beautiful colors so perfectly. Love them all and especially the tall thin ones.
Thanks so for setting up this blog hop. I have enjoyed hopping and participating!!

Unknown said...

Absolutely luscious. I wish I could 'fly' across to your studio and dip my hands into a bucket full of your amazing and original creations - and fill my pockets with them. They are so original, and your eye for colours is totally unique. I am enjoying your fabulous course and looking forward to your latest one day course. Thank goodness the courses last forever so that we can dip in and out for as long as we like - great for beginners like me taking time to perfect each project

Claire Lockwood said...

Those long rice beads are so, so good! Not surprised they got snapped up. All round, them's beautiful beads!

Carol Briody said...

Oh Heather! I love your necklace! Your beads are the perfect image of painting! It's great to see the Team participate in the Challenge..you all give us such great ideas and inspiration. :)

Unknown said...

Your beads are beautiful, and I love your necklace. It's just the perfect combination.

TesoriTrovati said...

Thanks for pushing me into the blog hop fun. I enjoyed actually creating something for once with the things that I am making! I wish that I had seen these beads this weekend. Maybe you had them but I didn't spot them. I will go stalk your Etsy site for them. I love the vibrant colors so very much! Enjoy the day! Erin