January 1, 2015

Year in Review

2014 was about 10,000 times better than the year before. It was a year of healing and change for my family. And a year of finding balance between work and life.

Biz Stuff:
  • Bead Cruise 2014 was my favorite one - ever!
  • Embraced teaching more in person and enjoyed creating online classes. 
  • Sold my beads at the two biggest bead shows in the country - Bead & Button and BeadFest.
  • Worked on my second book, finishing up and sending it in very soon! It will be available in early 2016.
  • Hosted another fun and successful autumn Bead Retreat. Loved spending time with such an amazing group of women.
  • Starting writing a regular color column for Step by Step Wire Magazine.
  • Joined the BeadStyle blog team as a monthly contributor. 
  • Booked several classes and retreat for 2015 and have a few in the works and finalizing details. 
Personal Stuff:
  • Took two amazing online illustration courses and worked on adding new illustrations to my portfolio.
  • My oldest daughter graduated, turned 18 and started taking college courses. 
  • Moved to a new house in October. Which we love very much but turned my life upside down for a while.
  • My Step-Dad beat cancer into remission, my mom became a super hero. 
  • I learned to set business hours and enjoy time off - it was not easy!!! 
2015 will be filled with new beads and new adventures, I am looking forward to enjoying each moment as it unfolds.

Wishing you peace, health and happiness for 2015!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Wow what an awesome year. You all cram so much into your lives, which is absolutely inspirational. Your energy and enthusiasm just bursts from the screen. I have spent the past three weeks suffering with influenza, and am still rough with a hacking cough! That's after having a flu jab to protect us from it! Feeling so cross because I can't join in your challenge. But I will as soon as I can