December 7, 2016

Bead Table Wednesday - Memory Wire and Bead Spinner Bracelets

Today on my Bead Table Wednesday live chat, I shared how to make these fun and simple bracelets using memory wire and a bead spinner. You can watch the video below and scrolled down to the links of resources that were mentioned.

I recommend checking out your local bead store first and shopping local if you can. Lima Beads and Fusion Beads also carry most of these supplies and they are owned by women, so support them above large box stores!

Bead Spinner
Extra Large Memory Wire
Xuron Track Cutters
Lindstrom Pliers
(*Amazon affiliate links)

Peanut Seed Beads:
Whim Beads
Fusion Beads

Metal Seed Beads - size 11/0 is what I use.

Humblebeads or Humblebeads on Etsy
Green Girl Studios



1 comment:

Barbara said...

Beautiful bracelets Heather! Could you perhaps list some of the bead colors that you use in your different mixes? I think that might help with ordering because there are sooo many to choose from!