May 1, 2008

Bead Cruise Scoop

Polymer clay urchin beads, ready for the show this weekend!

What a week, what a week!
The Bead Cruise 2009 information has been posted on the website.

I want to take all the classes! One of these years I'll get smart and not teach so I can do just that. But it's so much fun teaching on the cruise, how could I not?

So where are we going? We are going to sail from New Orleans to Cozumel, Santo Tomas de Castilla, Belize City and Costa Maya. I've been to Cozumel and Costa Maya, the beaches are so beautiful there.

I can't believe it takes me a whole year to plan these events! Although I have to admit this has been the easiest year. I've even considered doing more than one a year. (Okay, that and the possibility of cloning myself may happen!)

The cruise never lasts long enough, so we are going on a 7 day cruise. It seems like right when we are really starting to have fun, the cruise is over. And while the cruise is spectacular and the classes are amazing, what I really love every year is going on vacation with a great group of talented and generous beady friends. Our bead cruisers are what really makes the cruise!
Okay, back to making beads for me...


Beverly Herman said...

303 are ever going to wait that long? I love the urchins!

Rosanne said...

I am so excited about next years cruise! You sure know how to make my vacation plans! New Orleans...hmmm...I might have to take two weeks off, so I can visit with Bevvie. I love the new seashell beads you have been making.

Anonymous said...

As an addicted snorkeller and lover of the sea, I just adore all your ocean inspired beads and have been admiring them for a while :)