June 30, 2008


Hopefully this video works. I'm not too techy. In fact I just wanted to share the song, but didn't know how to do that! Today's blog post needed a soundtrack.

Anyway, it is a maniac Monday here in the studio. Thank you for everyone who has placed orders this weekend. I'm busy making your beads and getting everything shipped out today. Although, most beads are already made. But with such a large selection, some things are bound to run out sooner or later! The inbox is overflowing this morning too, they will have to wait until tonight. Jess is working later today, so I have that poor boy sanding beads.

So, new beads are still on my table awaiting their photo shoot. I hope to have them listed by tomorrow.

Off to the clay table with my beady little rear.

I'm still up for trades for art beads, scroll down 2 posts to read the details.

Enjoy a great start to the week!


Beverly Herman said...

That was a very good song for Monday! I can't wait to see your new beads. Have a great day!

beadbabe49 said...

did you know etsy is down?
or is it just me?