September 16, 2008

Collaboration Exploration

It's time for another round of Collaboration Exploration! This is a design challenge where two beader makers and a designer team up to see how each interpret the same set of art beads. Pictured above are the beads for this collaboration from myself and Cindy Gimbrone. The designer joining us is the very talented Katie Hacker.

O- Ring Necklace
Brass oval rings and paired together with a dandelion wine bead, a glass link from Cindy, a sparrow's compass from Vintaj and lots of brass chain. This necklace measures 30" long.
Forest Through the Trees Necklace

Next up I used my little hoot owl bead with Cindy's glass link. I added in a pendant from Mary Harding, teal disk beads with stones, pearls and a brush silver-tone chain.

Nourish Creativity Necklace

This sweet collection features another glass link from Cindy, golden disk beads and an olive chrysanthemum from me. The bird and nourish pendant are from Earthenwood Studio. Glass ruffles and a raku bead round out the collection of art beads. The leaf and branch clasp are from Vintaj, warm chocolate pearls finish the back of the necklace.

The Brass Ring Bracelet

This is my favorite! A filigree brass ring from Vintaj is off-set by Cindy's glass links. In between the rings are my golden branch beads. The closure on this bracelet is a soft buttery piece of leather. The bracelet can be adjusted to fit any size.

Check out Katie and Cindy's posts with their designs.

Vintaj brass can be found at Bello Modo.


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Wow, Heather! You're amazing - so many necklaces out of the set of beads we send each other! I love all of them! Each one has a unique design sensibility and each one is a "gotta have it!"

Bravo, Heather! You've done art beads proud today!!


Rosanne said...

They are all such beauties! I couldn't pick a favorite. But I think the one with Melanie's nourish would be the one.

Melissa J. Lee said...

Oooh, I love the brass ring bracelet!

Katie Hacker said...

Wow, Heather! What a collection! The O Ring Necklace is my fave. Thanks again for asking me to participate!

Beth Hikes said...

Inspiring! How reaffirming that we all have our own unique visions blooming at the same time in the same soil. Thanks for lightening up my day :)

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Gorgeous, I think my favorite is the O-Ring Necklace, love the chain together with the class and your dandelion bead. Very wearable and lots of texture and color. Fun!

Jen Judd said...

Love them all! You've totally inspired me to take another look at the great beads I have and see what I can come up with!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea---bet this was fun, and great to see how the same things can actually be used in so many different styles and ways! Just proves that there's no such thing as a "bad bead" just something that doesn't appeal to that particular person!