September 4, 2008

Metal Seed Beads

Yesterday on the Art Bead Scene Lynn Davis featured some of my work that incorporated seed beads. How could I not love seed beads? With Beverly Herman as my mom, it's in my blood! In fact she lives in New Orleans and when they headed out of town last week what did she take? 250 lbs. of seed beads traveled across country with her.

Lorelei had asked about copper seed beads so I wanted to share my source for metal seed beads, Charlene's Beads. Charlene happens to be a Bead Cruise sponsor and a very sweet person. I've purchased metal seed beads from other places, but Charlene has the best. I buy them by the 1/4 kilo and that's like 1/2 a sandwich bag full! I use them in almost every design. I love the antique copper and nickel the best. Neither changes color over time.

Okay, so your turn! Do you have a great source for your favorite bead or finding that you'd like to share? Post about it on your blog and add the link in the comment section. On Sunday I'll pick a comment from this post to receive one of my Chrysanthemum beads.
Bonus: directions for my dragonfly necklace that was first printed in BeadStyle and then made a guest appearance on Beads, Baubles & Jewels.


Karin said...

Thanks so much for the metal seed bead source. I was collecting silver and copper charlottes, but much to my dismay they were just coated beads and the finish wore off. Hate that. I really like the little flash of metal you get when you space with seed beads.

Gaea said...

I've been thinking about a project with metal seed beads and this will be the push to do it! Thanks! I love to buy beads on etsy. Not a big secret but you can find so many great items and not have to buy in bulk!

Lorelei Eurto said...

My new favorite place to buy Natural beads like buri nuts and wood is HAPPYMANGOBEADS.Com. Awesome selection and you can't beat the prices! Some are as low as $4 for a 16 in. strand!