June 10, 2009

Bead and Button Booty

Ha, I just like to say the word booty - followed by a good arrggh matey. So let me guess, you want to see my Bead & Button stash? Oh okay, if you are going to twist my arm...

Behold my treasures!
My first stop was Anne Choi's booth, I think I was her first customer! Buttons, she had buttons! I wish I would have bought more of them.

The second booth I sprinted, okay ran to, was Elemental Adornments by Christi Anderson. You may have seen her work on the cover of Mixed Metals. I couldn't afford one of her sculptural pendants but these doves and nests quickly found their way into my hands. In the background are lampwork beads from Cindy Craig and blown glass beads by Kerri Fuhr.

Some of Joan Miller's porcelain beads. I really love the new decal work and matte finish.

Yeah, Humblebeads and Green Girl Studios, we are like peas and carrots. Some things just belong together. (Ooh, bezels to fill on an upcoming creative play day.)

Beachy Earthenwood Studio beads alongside some vintage sequins that I though looked rather shell-like.

Gotta love the quirkiness of Diane Hawkey. Notice the magic bead, I have a Midsummer Night's Dream theme on the brain - more on that below.

And some of the only non-art beads that I had to have - lotus pod seeds from TIKA Imports.
In the top photo I also have some incredible pendants from Lisa Peters. Love the organic and earthy quality, picked up sea urchin buttons, disks and raku flowers. Love them! Next was Pam & Heather Wynn's booth, you'll notice my lovely collection of Pam Wynn beads in the top right corner. And tucked in there are a few bezels from Susan Lenart Kazmer.
Stopped by the Soft Flex booth to pick up a few Trios sets for their contest. And then some inspiration struck when I found these odd little sea urchin spines, grabbed some pearls from Bead Trust and back to Green Girl Studios for a shell clasp.

My beads at Bello Modo's booth.
A big thanks to Pam for representing my work at the show!
I can't mention everyone I met and saw but that was my favorite part of the show. I met some of my art bead heros, online friends, editors, instructors, bead cruise girls and so many more. If I met you, I was thrilled and enjoyed soaking in the creative energy and getting to know such a diverse collection of beady folks. It was pure joy!
I can't thank Erin enough for rooming with me and Lisa Peter's too!
Now, since this post is going for record length, here is a sneak peak at some new items:

The girls at the Vintaj booth were doing a little stamped Make & Take. Which quickly sent me on a mission to find a dapping block to play with at home. These started out as simple blank circle pendants from Vintaj. I stamped them with quotes from a Midsummer Night's Dream and filled the back with polymer clay. (Thanks for the inspiration Erin!)

So that is it for now. Those pendants will be in my Etsy shop tomorrow. If you are waiting for an email from me, you may want to prod me a little. I'm working as quickly as I can on orders & emails. (I woke up at 6am to make the pendants before I had to officially start the day!)


Rosanne said...

Holy crap Heather! You hit the jackpot! What a pile beautiful pile of beads you came home with.
Speaking of coming home...when are you?

Rosanne said...

Did I mention that you had a pile of beads there? ;^)

Beverly Herman said...

Look at those beads you brought home. oh my GOSH! I knew the show would inspire you. Those new pendants leave me speechless. I give them 3 seconds in your shop.
Most of all I am thankful for all the bead Artist who created the beautiful treasures you bought. I need to come to your house and play beads with you.

Mary Harding said...

What a fantastic group of beads you brought home. I can tell you had a fabulous time and that the fun will go on as you create with those lovelies.

RupaB said...

What a feast..thank you for the amazing pics!

TesoriTrovati said...

Fabulous! I love your Vintaj pieces...I just ordered a dapping block from Rings & Things and can't wait to play. I love Midsummer Nights' Dream...my very fave Shakespeare play. I think it is you who has inspired me...I should really post about my treasures (now that I wrangled 'em all into little baggies!)
Oh, and that ring mandrel I had my heart set on and tried to buy no less than three times? Well, I promptly ordered one yesterday and when I got home one was waiting for me on the front porch that I had ordered months ago! Must have been on back-order! Now I need to return one! I will let you know how my resin experiments work out.
You are the very best, Heather!
Enjoy the day! Erin

Lori said...

I am so jealous of all the people that got to go to the bead and button thing.

Unknown said...

I almost never get to shop at Bead & Button. There just is never enough time. It is always a big bummer because there are so many great things there! It looks like you found a lot of really great goodies. LUCKY!

Dee Gallimore-Perry said...

Wow! Look at those goodies!! You made a great haul!
LOVE your pendants!
You are so very talented!!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Love the pendants stamped with phrases from a Midsummer Night's Dream! Thanks for sharing your B&B stash :-)