October 9, 2009

October Skies

For the Vintaj trunk show I created lots of limited edition pieces. The beads had a successful run in Galena and have returned home. This was my favorites from the batch. I did a whole collection of beads called "October Sky" that featured leaf and branches canes. There is a yellow/orange - blue/muted purple theme going on that I'm lovin. I really miss the leaves changing colors, we just don't have that here in SA.

Along with this style I did a few other bezels with a mix of canes and painting, but I'm going to do a layer of resin on top of those. They should be ready next week, if all goes according to plan.
Here is the back of the pendant, it's a Vintaj piece that I've dapt (or dapped, I'm not sure which way it's said and it's too late at night for googlin'.)
Thanks for the words of wisdom on pricing. I hope that by sharing my struggle I can help someone else who is in the same boat. It's always hard to talk about that kind of stuff and I was feeling a little exposed yesterday. But I'm glad I had the chance to hear your encouraging words.


Beverly Herman said...

I really like the limited edition called October Sky. I too miss the leaves changing colors. I am looking forward to seeing the other bezels.

Stefeny Stanyer said...

Oooouu! This is a fabulous color combo! I love it! Can't to see the collection in your shop! =)

Silver Parrot said...

Great color combo on the October Sky piece. Love that!