October 22, 2009

Rings & Things Blog Partner Project

Rings & Things sent their blog partners some sterling silver and gold-filled wire connectors to play with a while ago.  I finally got around to taking photos, so today I'm presenting a free project featuring the gold-filled wire connector and a hardware store retaining ring. 

Rags to Riches Pendant

1 1/18" retaining ring
gold-filled connector
Branch lentil bead
copper seed bead
Vintaj flower beadcap
2 brass 7mm jump rings
2 gunmetal 6mm jump rings
2 gunmetal 4mm jump rings
18" gunmetal chain

bench block
ball peen hammer
round nose and chain pliers
wire cutters

1. Slightly flatten and texture the gold-filled connector with the ball peen hammer.
*AVOID the loops, they will break off!*

2. String the seed bead, lentil and flower bead cap onto a headpin and create a wire-wrapped looped.

3. Attach the lentil to the connector with a 7mm jump ring.  Attach the bottom of the connector to the bottom of the retaining ring with the other 7mm jump ring.

3. Attach the top of the retaining ring to the connector with the 6mm jump rings.

4. Cut the chain in half and attach each side to the pendant with 4mm jump rings.

You can work magic with a bench block and ball peen hammer, I consider these as essential as my set of pliers. 


Beverly Herman said...

Great design and use of components with a humblebead!

Judy said...

So urban chic! Love your bead too..just gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Love the piece --- btw what is the "other" use for the retaining ring?


SummersStudio said...

I loooove this piece. The lines are so clean. Just beautiful.

LDWatkins said...

Very nice! I like your using all the different metals and the textures are great.

TesoriTrovati said...

So funny! I have a set of hardware store retaining rings and I was concocting something eerily similar! Are we on the same wavelength, or what?! I love the mixed metal with the Humblebeads... oh and my show last night? Everyone loved "The Only Bird In Town" with your lovely purple 6hole branch spacer...but it wasn't for sale (planning other things for that beauty!).
Enjoy the day, Miss Heather!

ClickNCamera said...

Shows great harmony with the circular metal hoops and the swosh pattern in the round bead...very pretty!