December 20, 2010

The Best Christmas Present Ever

In March we'll set sail for the 6th annual Bead Cruise!  After the holidays the cruise is my big focus.  There are kits to put together and plans to finalize.  Along with running the show on the cruise I have two classes I will be teaching.  I work hard to bring you an event that is fun, creative and relaxing.

Above is the polymer clay pendant class that I'm teaching.  You'll learn to make tropical flower canes, beads, create a bezel pendant and embellish it with Vintaj brass and crystal components.

Another class I'm offering is a bracelet and necklace focusing on asymmetrical design.  Learn my secrets for fearlessly combining beads without a pattern!

I've gathered together 5 other amazing instructors including Dallas Lovett, Tracy Stanley, Marcia DeCoster, Beverly Herman and Jean Campbell.  Classes range from beading, resin, polymer clay, metal and wire work.  There is something for everyone.

I put together this awesome mini-magazine for our guests.

It's filled with projects, tips and resources.  Last year I used components from our sponsors in each project.  (If you are a bead shop or beadmaker you can become a sponsor for next year, click here for details.)  Our guests receive gift bags that are filled with goodies from our sponsors.  Ornametea donates a cool tote bag for us each year.  We love our sponsors!

We are heading to three tropical islands next year: Cozumel, Jamaica and Grand Cayman.  In Cozumel we have an optional day planned that includes going to the state park, there are gardens, beaches, snorkeling and eco tours there.  We'll enjoy lunch on the beach and shopping in town after our day at the ocean.

On the cruise along with classes, workshops and demos, we have a Bead Bazaar with shopping with Bello Modo and our instructors.  There is also a fun cocktail party, group photo, casino night and time to bead together and work on projects.  It's 7 days of beady fun with like-minded bead-obsessed creative people.

Oh and then there is this whole amazing cruise ship to enjoy with delicious meals, shows and all kinds of entertainment and parties.  You'll need a vacation from your vacation!

We still have a limited number of spaces available.  Just think about what your hometown looks like in March?  I live in Texas and it's cold and bleak still.  Now think about sitting on a tropical beach, drink with umbrella in hand, surrounded by beady friends?  Ready to give yourself that gift for Christmas?  Head on over to the Bead Cruise website for all the details.  I would love to have some of my blog friends join me!


SueBeads said...

Grand Cayman is great, you'll love the snorkeling - best there is!!!

Beverly Herman said...

I loved swimming with the stingrays off of Grand Cayman.

TesoriTrovati said...

That would SO be the best gift ever. Too bad my husband and I don't exchange gifts or I would have you contact him and put a bug in his ear! If I want something I have to do it myself... I so want to do this, but I am not sure that with the new schedule and corresponding pay that I could justify it. The time is a killer as well. But if I could you know I would be there!
Enjoy the day!

JeannieK said...

Maybe I could go and be the fitness guru and teach fitness and yoga classes, nutrition, personal sessions.
I know all who attend will have a great memories always.
Have Fun

My Life Under the Bus said...

That sounds like heaven - That purple focal bracelet is my fave! Sounds like a really fun time!

Serena Trent said...

this sounds awesome! I love your beads!