December 7, 2010

Ornament Blog Hop - Let It Snow!

Let It Snow Ornament/Pendant

This is a necklace that can hang on the tree with a gift tag for the big day.  These would be such fun gifts for guests visiting during the holidays. 

32mm brass blank
2 pewter bead caps
1 blue lace agate bead
1 polymer clay disk bead
1 2" gunmetal eyepin
1 7mm gunmetal brass jump ring
1 13mm gunmetal brass jump ring
1 18" gunmetal chain
Paint dabbers in teal and white
Renaissance wax
Gift tag with large hole
Steel wool

You'll also need letter stamps, a ball peen hammer, a small Phillips head screwdriver and a bench block.

Disk bead: Humblebeads. Brass & Gunmetal findings: Rings & Things.  Wax and paint: Bello Modo.

Step 1. Flatten one of the bead caps with a hammer - instant snowflake.

Step 2: Stamp your message on the blank.  Turn the blank over, position the point of the screwdriver into the metal and tap the end of the screwdriver with the hammer to create a dot pattern. Rub a small bit of steel wool on the front of the blank to highlight the dots and letters.

Step 3: Use the paint dabbers to dab on the teal paint, wipe off the excess with a paper towel.  Repeat with the white paint.  After the paint is dry apply a thin coat of Renaissance wax.

Step 4: On the eyepin string the disk bead, spacer and stone bead, create a loop on the other end.  Attach the snowflake bead cap, metal blank and dangle together with a 7mm jump ring.  Attach the 13mm jump ring to the top of the dangle.

Step 5: String the chain through the large jump ring twice.  Attach the gift tag and close the chain.

Alternative: Use a larger blank and a ribbon instead of a chain for an ornament option only.
Please visit the rest of the bloggers participating in today's hop. Pass the marshmallows, my cocoa needs some fluff! 

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TesoriTrovati said...

I am so mad that I am missing this! I will be enjoying the holiday eye candy though and maybe will get inspired to do something!
Enjoy the day!

Beverly Herman said...

I am looking forward to blog hopping tomorrow. I love your sneak peak.

Unknown said...

Its amazing! :) Hooray for hopping...can't wait to explore.

JeannieK said...

Oh My I would love to pull this off the tree on Christmas morning. That bead cap makes a wonderful snowflake. I really need to get back to stamping metal. Well once again you have inspired me. Thanks Heather for doing the blog hop.
Happy Holidays to you and yours, jeannie

Rosanne said...

Oh how sweet! I love the way the cap magically turned into a snowflake! We have a foot of snow on the ground today and more coming down. Its fitting for the hop, I'll just stay in and check them all out. Merry Christmas!

Mary Harding said...

I love the way the "let it snow" pendant looks with the colored ink and the decorative elements. And what a great idea Heather. Thanks for putting this together.

Michelle Mach said...

What a great idea for those dots! I don't think that would have occurred to me before. I've been doing a ton of stamping lately--I'll have to try this!

And thanks for organizing this hop. It's fun to see what everyone's made!

Beverly Herman said...

I love how your creativeness shines through this Christmas season and every other day of the year.
Merry Christmas!

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Awesome, Heather, and I love that you included the how-to. It's a beautiful creation!


Rosalynn said...

As usual you are so generous with sharing your talent. Thank you for sharing the directions for this ornament and the inspiration for more. I haven't yet used my jewelry skills to make more than wearables for people, but this has definitely given me new ideas.

Tari of said...

Beautiful Heather!
Thanks for Blog Hop it has gotten me out of my rut of only visiting a couple blogs.
You're the best.
Merry Christmas!

TesoriTrovati said...

Dang. You've gone and done it. I will be creating something for the tree tonight! Hold me to it!
How sweet would this be to have a whole tree of little bracelets and necklaces that could be bling for the tree than taken home by your guests to wear?
Enjoy the day!

Spirited Earth said...

this is amazing..thanks for sharing the tutorial.i want to try and make something like this..where's that hammer. :)
really love this

Cindy said...

Heather, I love this idea. When I first saw this I thought it would make a beautiful necklace....then went on to read it can be both jewelry AND an ornament. I love everything about clever and PERFECT.

Elysian Studios said...

Your idea is magnificent! I am tucking that one away for a year I have guests (I am off-duty this year!) Your description of your process makes me want to go buy new art supplies so I can whack, stamp, wax...make an even bigger mess than the one still around from my ornaments! Thank you so so much for organizing this- I added your shop to my favorites on ETSY, I am a big fan!

cindydolezaldesigns said...

Let it snow, indeed. I love the teal paint in the letters.

rosebud101 said...

I love your ornament!

Pretty Things said...

I want to wear that.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Lovely piece, Heather! The blue lace agate highlights and adds a wintery feel to the ornament. Beautiful!