April 5, 2013

Sweet Home

I remember all those years of longing for home when I lived in Texas. My soul thirsting for the beach, my heart longing for beauty of Michigan's countryside. It took us 11 years to find our way back to my sleepy hometown.

And now that I'm here, happiness just doesn't describe it. Deep down in my bones content is a little closer. These last few months have been bittersweet with a struggle my family has had to endure. Our goal is to find a little slice of joy in each day.

Yesterday it was a walk on the pier. It is finally warming up now and I'm ready for walks in the woods, strolls along the cute shops in town, sunsets on the beach. Can't wait for the farmers market to open in May! I live each day here like a tourist, loving all the wonderful things about this place.

Tips for being a tourist in your hometown:
1. Take your camera and see all your old haunts with fresh eyes.
2. Check out some local culture - visit a museum or art center.
3. Take in a show - either a play or concert.
4. Shop downtown and support local businesses.
5. Check out the events calendar and do something new!

Make plans to be a tourist this weekend and blog about it or share a photo with me on Facebook!


Beti Horvath said...

Great post. I have been living in my hometown most of my life, and a new camera has allowed me to look at it all with new eyes!

Beverly Herman said...

My last walk on the beach was with you. I hope we get to do it again this summer. I miss everyone!

sandi m said...

Memories of the shore and SH during your first retreat. The Lake is so different on your side. Must visit again soon...