June 28, 2014

Birds & Blooms Knotted Necklace Tutorial

Don't you just love a fun and easy project that whips up in minutes?  Ahhh, instant gratification.  That's the good stuff!  I created this necklace using one of my Blooms & Birds sets with a few extra art beads and some very yummy bronze colored leather cord.

Blooms & Birds set from Humblebeads
Ceramic round bead from Firefly Designs
Pewter nest from Green Girl Studios
36" 1mm leather cord from Primitive Earth Beads

Use any round beads for the project, just make sure the holes are at least 1mm.

1. Find the center of the cord. 2.5" from the center tie a knot, add the bird bead, tie a knot, add a bead, tie knot. Repeat adding a bead and tying a knot for the remaining 6 beads.
2. Adjustable knots: overlap the two ends of the cord with about 6" of cord on each side of the necklace. Create a loop with one end of the cord, leaving a 2-3" tail. Wrap the end of the cord around both strands of leather and around the loop, keep wrapping the cord around all three cords two more times. Slide the end of the cord into the loop and pull tightly. 

This is a budget friendly version with a raven and round art bead from Humblebeads and wood, ceramic, bone and metal beads from the arts & crafts store. 

Here is a video tutorial so you can see how to make the adjustable knots on this necklace.


Unknown said...

I knew there was a fairly easy way to do this, I stumbled on it once but haven't been able to recreate it since...thanks for the video!

Sandy said...

Thanks so much for the video portion - seeing it in action makes such a difference!

Carol Briody said...

Thank you for this excellent tutorial video, Heather! I'm going to give this a try! Very pretty designs!

baymoondesign said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. I can actually understand this one and use it to make necklaces.