December 12, 2015

Accidentally on Trend

A week or so ago I spotted the Pantone Color of the Year for 2016. My first reaction to the baby blue and pink, uh - no thank you. And then I saw the spring color palette. Not for me.

But then, as I started seeing the colors everywhere, I couldn't help but notice how trendy and fresh the colors were feeling and that I hadn't really given then much of a chance. I remember feeling the same about Marsala last year. 

But then it hit me as I was looking at some of the entries for the Art Bead Scene's monthly challenge. Our inspiration painting this month was totally on trend in the color palette and color of the year for 2016. Kinda shocking considering the painting was created in 1951 by French artist Maria Helena Vieira de Silva. 

And later that same week I created these winter inspired wobbles and blam, totally the colors of our challenge and hey - is that Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz subconsciously stuck in there. Why yes, I think it is. And then I really started to look into the Color of the Year and spring palette with a new perspective and found a wealth of inspiration.

Here are two more color palettes I pulled from the inspiration painting. I went for a mix of grey and muted colors to balance out blue and pink.

For this palette I would focus more on blue/yellow combo with the pink and rust as small accent.

The HOLY GRAIL Pinterest Board 
for the Pantone Spring Colors for Jewelry Designers

100 pins of color combinations, patterns, art, fashion, jewelry and beads

I know it's not even really winter yet and I'm already jumping ahead to spring. But in a few weeks everything is going to be new year, new goals, new designs and you'll be so happy to have some spring colors to play to use in your jewelry.

So for this weekend only I'm having a flash sale on my website.

Use code COLORFLASH for 30% off your order. Sale ends Monday.
But check out the Pinterest board first for your inspirations!

So what do you think of Pantone's Colors of the Year? 
Did you take a look at my Pinterest board and have any different reactions? 


Anonymous said...

I had the same reaction when I first saw these 'baby-ish' colours - no way - they were modern when I was around twelve, 35 odd years ago. But seeing your use of them, and the ABS inspiration painting, I can see myself using these colours - in fact, I have a fair few beads in these colours in my stash already....And I bet others do, too....

Unknown said...

Today I spent more time outside than usual starting my car, taking my son where he needed to go and me to work, then picking him later and was pleased to watch the sunrise blend into sunset. The dominant colors were rose quartz and serenity blue, blending through the few clouds, soft pale purples and pinks in the distance fading into grey. The only 2016 color I didn't see was the seafoam's not really a sunset sort of color. But the soft pale pinks, blues and purples were gorgeous. I wished there was some way I could have taken a picture that really caught the watercolor sky, but even if I had had my camera with me, it was just too big. I forgot the touches of bright gold gilding behind the Alaska Range, just bits here and there, with gold slowly spreading into clouds over the mountains. Amazing. My reaction when I saw the Pantone colors in your blog, Heather, was I had already seen most of them today, and they were beautiful.