December 11, 2015

Jewelry Inventory

Some times I need a quick and easy way to share something online and today this blog is the best choice. So you get a big dose of eye candy and the shop owner that needs to see what I have in stock has an easy way to scroll through everything quickly. 

 Butterfly Wings: Teal, Blue and Pink

Dark Forest Pendant, Winter Owl Pendant, Dogwood Pendant

Acorn Pendants, Blue and Yellow.

Owl Charm Pendants

 Blue Bird Pendant, Cardinal Pendant

Nesting Pendant, Brown. Peace Pendant. Nesting Pendant, Olive Green.

Oak Leaf Pendant

Maple Seed Pendant

Snowy Mountain Pendant

Holly Pendant, small and large.

Fairy Garden Pendants.

Tiger Lily Pendant. Feather Pendant. Meadowlark Pendant. Blue Flower Pendant.  

Butterfly Wrap Around Bracelets, Purple/copper (4), Earthtone (2), Olive & Pink (2)

Butterfly Wrap Around Bracelets, Left: Purple (top) or Berry. Right: Bronze (top) Copper (2)

 Evergreen Cuff Bracelet

 Birch Bark Cuff Bracelet (large)

 Oak Leaf Cuff Bracelet

Birch Bark Cuff Bracelet

Oak Leaf Earrings: Purple, Dark Teal, Jade.

 Butterfly Charms: Purple, Teal.

Butterfly Earrings: Purple, Cream, Light Orange, Dark Orange.

Festive Earrings: Silver (3), Bronze (3). Nest Earrings (3)

 Ceramic Charm Earrings: Bird, Dragonfly, Leaf.

Birch Bark Earrings, various accent colors (5)

Maple Seed Earrings (3)

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