January 8, 2008

Goals for 2008

Inspired by Elaine Ray's post yesterday on the Art Bead Scene, I thought I'd share some of my goals with you for 2008.

First you'll notice this picture, it's my task sheet for the next two weeks. Each day has no more than 6 tasks, because I realized last year that I am not a robot and I do require things like sleep and a day off once a week! (These are huge pads of paper that offices use for presentations.)

I have another pad that lists my goals for 2008. I'm so good at setting goals in the beginning of the year and then fizzle out. (like everyone else, right!) So I've decided to list them larger than life right by my door so each time I leave the room I see the list. The task list is on the door coming in, so I can see what I need to accomplish before I rush off on any tangents!

Goals for 2008

Relaunch website with shipping in 1-2 days
This requires me to have a large stash of inventory on hand. Before, I would fill orders as they came in, unfortunately I found out at the end of year, that there can be a thing as too many orders at one time and I was shipping out later and later. Not good for business, but I only have two hands! So that is the first thing to change for 2008.

Submit 1 project a month to bead magazines
I have ideas bursting at the seems and hope that you'll see more of my work in print!

Take one day off each week and get 8 hours of sleep
Did you know a lack of sleep can cause serious health problems. There were many days that I would go to bed at 1am and get up at 5am for the day. How did I function! So I try to put myself to bed by 11, which is very hard for me to do, but I need more sleep.

I read something the other day that rang true for me. "Work, no matter how fulfilling it is or how much you enjoy it, is not downtime."

Everyone needs a day off. It's not good to work more than anything else in life, no matter how much fun it is and beads are so much fun! So I have vowed to not work on Sundays. This Sunday I spent the day with my girls, doing a little tidying up, cooking and made pillowcases. I'm going to make a quilt for my bed over the next few weeks. I woke up on Monday so happy and refreshed. So if you work from home, take a day off this week and see what you are missing!

My last goal that I'm sharing today is Organizing my Studio. I've been working at one corner, table, shelf at a time. It may take me all year!!!

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