January 5, 2008

Holiday Re-Hash

I always wait until the weekend after New Year's to take down my holiday decorations. Since we weren't here for the week of Christmas, it's been especially nice to enjoy them a week longer. Although I have a feeling some of my snowmen may stay out until February, they are wintery after all and not just for Christmas.Here are some handmade ornaments I've collected through the years. The wooden nativity was given to me by Grandma, I can remember seeing it on her tree was little.
We had two small fake trees in the living this year. Usually we splurge on a real one. I love the smell of the pine during the holidays. Oh well, no free mulch for us this year. This is a little holiday vignette that I set up with the nativity. I made the stockings out of fancy place mats!
Some of the handmade ornaments on our bigger tree. This tree usually goes in the girl's bedroom. We have beaded snowflakes, recycled paper balls that Jess made along with his soldered microscope glass ornaments. I have a felted ornament and my beaded one from one of the Ornament Thursday's. And at the top is a faux quilt ornament. I glued the fabric down on foam sheets, hand stitched on top of it and whipped stitched around the border.

Thanks for letting me give Christmas one last hurray before I pack it away!

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Beverly Herman said...

Heather your Christmas tree was beautiful this year. I am glad I got to share it with you and the family.