January 13, 2008

It's Alive!

I had some serious technical issues when I tried to publish my website yesterday. It took me until around 3pm to finally have the shopping cart and new beads up and ready to go! Oh computers, we love them and we hate them.

Don't forget I'm giving away free beads this weekend! Visit my site for more information. Humblebeads.com

A few of the new beads. Many of the new items have had a short run on my etsy shop, but are now part of my regular line. This includes my Van Gogh Beads, Winter Branches and William Morris Blue Cuff.

Toggles! Use them as buttons or clasps. I love these. I have them in my Branch colors and in bright leafy designs, called Petals.

Monet Cuff beads, possible the most beautiful beads I've ever made! I have disk beads that match. Yeah for art beads inspired by artists!

Some of my new Petal beads, including toggles and disk beads. The cuffs are my ol' favorites, but now they have buddies.

Are you ready for the snow to melt? (I'm still wishing for the cold) Spring Branch beads will help! I love these ones too!

And a set of matching disk beads. Isn't polymer clay just the most amazing stuff on the planet?

Now I want a day to play with beads and work up some new designs!

Still working on the site, including updating my links and some of the other pages.


Beverly Herman said...

Your website looks wondeful! My favorite are the branch toggles.
What a great idea!! Wait they are all my favorite. I love humblebeads!!

Rosanne said...

I love your website too. I especially like the way you have listed the beads that go with each other. Favorite beads are the
Spring Branch ones. They look yummy!! Like buttermints in the picture...

melanie brooks said...

LOVE these new colors and i adore the toggles! Those would be great to work with!

Anonymous said...

Just fantastic! I knew it would be, Bravo!

Katrin mdmB said...

Wow! Your work is gorgeous!

d-c-designs said...

love the colors in that last photo. congrats on getting the website redo finished. i bet you are glad to get that over with. :)

Anonymous said...

Really nice blog, and website - but best of all, your beautiful, wonderful beads.

So glad I found your site (I think by etsy - not sure).