April 15, 2008

Budget-Friendly Bracelet!

To help with the pain of taxes and rising gas prices, here is a FREE project for a budget-friendly bracelet.

Woodland Waters Bracelet

Supply List

Teal Branches art bead (humblebeads) $10.00
Wood Beads (Hobby Lobby) $3.00
Flower Clasp (Hobby Lobby) $1.50
2 amazonite beads $0.30
5 bali-style spacers (Hobby Lobby) $0.25
Beading Wire $0.05
2 crimp beads $0.04
Total bracelet cost: $15.14
(Keep on eye on the Hobby Lobby sales flyer. I bought everything last week from there on sale - 1/2 price!)

1. Thread your beading wire through the flower part of the clasp, string on a crimp bead. Crimp using crimping pliers.

2. String art bead, spacer, 5 wood beads, spacer, amazonite bead, spacer, 19 wood beads, spacer, amazonite bead, spacer.

3. String on the crimp bead, thread through the loop of the leaf part of the clasp. Crimp the crimp bead, trim any excess beading wire.


Anonymous said...

I love the colors in your bracelet! Can you post another free project in October for those of us that filed for an extension today? :)


ShinyAdornments said...

Lovely...who can resist this color combo?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bracelet. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love this posting! You created a beautiful bracelet and assisted others in working on a budget - just wonderful!

Unknown said...

Love this bracelet!!

Patty said...

That's a lovely bracelet, wonderful mix of texture and color.