November 1, 2008

A flurry of beads

The winner from this week's funny caption contest is Alisa. Alisa check your email!

Today I am a factory. I have a little back up here and working through some big orders as quickly as I can. But trust me, this is no complaint. I'd rather work weekends and nights than work for the man. Whoever he is!

And let's face it, I'm over here making beads and that is fun stuff.

Speaking of fun stuff, I was featured today on the etsy blog for my weekend special. Weekend special? Do tell...
Well, I am offering free shipping all weekend to kick off the start of Holiday shopping.

Be sure to stop by and see what kind of goodies I have, beads for those making their own gifts and ornaments and jewelry for those shopping for gifts.

And because I'm really feelin' the Christmas crafties coming on, I'll share a bit from my favorite holiday movie, The Snowman. Made in 1982, a wordless animation. It's so charming. If you haven't watched it before you need to see it on DVD, each frame is hand-drawn and completely enchanting. Okay, back to the bead table for me.

(Watch The Snowman video on my blog those who subscribe by email.)

1 comment:

Rosanne said...

OMG...I love the way they sit in front of the fire and the TV isn't even on! And they are all in the same room...and he gets ready for bed at 7:30. Have we changed or what? Nice little video and I do remember that one, too.