November 12, 2008

Humblebeads Garden Party

Yesterday I mentioned a new marketplace. Thanks to Lorelei, I will be opening a Lollishop at the end of the month. The Humblebeads Garden Party will be filled with beads that are a lighter color palette and in general sugary sweet. There will be more seasonal beads offered there as well.

To peek your curiosity, on the bead table getting ready for Lollishops:
*Snowflake Beads in soft shades of teal, purple and blues.
*Dogwood Flowers
*Garden Statue Pendants
*Vintage Poppy Beads in new colors
*Urchins and starfish in shabby chic colors, would that be shabby chic beach?
And more!

Here is my packaging for the new shop. More on branding and packaging tomorrow.

Lollishops open on November 28th. Until then you can see what's in store on their blog and at the Lollishoping Forum.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Can't wait to see these!! Love the soft pastels. Marking the 28th on my calendar.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, I checked that site out. A little too frau frau for me, but I am waiting to see your beads because they sound wonderful. Will you also offer them on etsy ( I hope, I hope, I hope). I am becoming addicted to scouring etsy for cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

Your work is lovely - as is that packaging. I'm off to check out that site.