November 4, 2008

Twitter Tips for Artists & Designers

What is twitter? Micro-blogging in 140 characters or less, answering the question, "What are you doing right now?"

Why twitter? For the same reason we do anything online: for entertainment, information and connection to a global community.

As a small business I twitter for a few reasons. I use twitter to keep up on industry news, inspiration and ideas for running my business. A few of my favorites:

Interweave Press:
Whip Up:
Croq Zine:
Softflex Company:
The Blog Squad:
Rings & Things:
Timothy Adam Designs:
Crafty Chica:
Margot Potter:

I also use twitter to connect with customers who are following me, my friends and even a few family members.

I check out twitter every day at lunch for "lunch and links." I skim through what everyone has posted and click on the links that catch my eye. Even though I follow over 100 people, there are rarely more than 25 twittering on a regular basis. If someone is twittering too much for me, I simply unfollow.

When I blog or have some news to share I go to to make a post to both twitter and facebook at the same time. It takes a minute to set up and has been a handy time saver.

What to twitter?
Your latest blog entry
Good news & important updates
Interesting events in your life
Occasional sales and specials
Listing of new items (although I'd rather click on a link to your blog that talks about your latest item and your inspiration behind it.)
Links from other places that have caught your eye
Good deals you've found or shops you love
a few random tidbits that let us know the person behind the computer screen
You can also use twitter to get feedback on ideas and your latest creations
Ask questions - I like to twitter back now and then.

Please, I really don't want to read about errands, household chores or what you had for lunch unless you are related to me! Of course if you can write about those in an entertaining and funny way I may make an exception. Food items are okay if they are seasonal, quirky or could inspire a recipe search. No "I just had a bowl of oatmeal." A better tweet would be, "hmm, just pulled the pumpkin bread out of the oven!"

Should you Twitter? Maybe! All you can do is give a try and see if you enjoy it. If you are twittering to promote your business, remember with social networking getting your name out there is the goal. Don't be pushy, don't contact people directly asking them to visit your shop. And for goodness sake, don't turn off followers by being aggressive with the listings from your shop. You are building up awareness of your brand and making connections.

Etsy had a great article about Twitter yesterday, which yes, I found out about through Twitter!
Timothy Adams also has some good tips for branding your business with Twitter.

If you Twitter, do you have a favorite crafty, bead or business that you follow that you could recommend?


Margot Potter said...


Great Twitter advice! I concur with your assessment. It's a great way to stay connected and to promote. Thanks for the Tweety Linky Love!

My word verification is "doingles." How much do I love that word and what could it mean?!


Anonymous said...

I saw the link to this post on twitter :) Now I'm off to see who on your list I need to add!

Beth Hikes said...

Thanks Heather! Oh look and my secret password is "Voted" for blogger. How clever!

SarahKelley said...

Great post Heather:) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love the tips, love the Twitters you follow, love tip--except it's not working for Facebook. THANK YOU, Heather! (hugs!)

Unknown said...

I feel honored!! Thank you for including me on your list!!!

Dave Robertson said...

Hey Heather, that's so cool that you enjoy following us on Twitter so much! Thank you for the "props".

I love your description of Twitter etiquette. It's like a cocktail party. You drift through the crowd, striking up conversations as you go. A neat opening angle = an interesting conversation.

A favorite Twitterer of mine? I vote for brambleberry, a smart, entertaining soapmaker and businesswoman. I think of her as a great role model for any Twitter user.

Take care!

at Rings & Things

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...i admire your business style and sense, i learn alot from you!!

thank you.

The Lone Beader® said...

I just joined Twitter a few weeks ago. I like to post tweets from my mobile phone at work - it updates my Facebook status at the same time! Fun stuff! BTW, I'm following you! :D