February 14, 2009

Night Cap?

I picked up the latest edition of Beadwork magazine, packed to the gills with inspiration. I love the direction the magazine is headed, thanks to the new editor and very talented designer, Melinda Barta. If her name sounds familiar she is the author of Custom Cool Jewelry, one of my favorite bead books from last year! Interviews with Kate McKinnon and Lisa Peters are great reads along with a ton of creative projects. I love how they have been using smaller beaded components in the designs, very beginner friendly!

Katie Hacker has a new column in Beadwork, "Katie's Bead Secrets." This month she offers alternative uses for bead caps. You'll have to pick up the article for the scoop. She interviewed a few designers and I happen to be one of them. Here is an example that I gave for the feature.

You can just barely see the bead caps at either end of this long tube bead. They have the small end pointed toward the bead. The top holds a nice big smoky quartz bead, the bottom has a bead and loop for an extravagant tassel.
Here are a few other ideas I scrounged up where I used the bead caps upside down.

A bead cap becomes a water lily in these Lotus Lantern earrings
A bead cap is a crown for this little prince of the forest.
Back to the bead table for me. Not a very romantic Valentine's day, but having my partner's support for my creative pursuits is the best gift!

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Beverly Herman said...

Happy Valentines Day!
I have had this magazine for weeks. Looking through it cover to cover and missed the part where Katie interviewed you! Those bead caps work wonderfully in your designs!