February 17, 2009

Shop Update

Just thought I'd post a little update about my shops. Humblebeads.com is officially closed now until March 9th. So now I just need to work through the mountain of orders as quickly as possible, thank goodness for my speedy new assistant!

For those who need Humblebeads, you have until February 24th to shop in my Etsy shop. As items sell out though I will not be relisting them until I return. So once they are gone, that's is it for now. I added a few extra sets to the shop of beads I have here in the studio. Including some of the very popular disk sets that are on the new cover of Stringing and matching lentil beads.

And once I am gone, you can also order online at Bello Modo. They carry a small stock of Humblebeads, if you can't wait until I return! Pam ships super fast and offers free shipping.

10 days until I leave. A sense of panic and pure joy swarm in my head!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the preparations for the big CRUISE!!! What a dream. Also, I've been wanting to say Congratulations on the publications!!!! Espcially that cover of Stringing Magazine! That's so amazing.

Melissa J. Lee said...

Hey, Heather, My copy of Spring Stringing arrived a few days ago. Congratulations on making the cover - your piece looks great! Have fun on the cruise!

Rosanne said...

I know you have it all under control. I too am giddy about leaving. One wek from today...I can't wait!