February 20, 2009


There is only so much stress one can handle in a week and I think I've reached my quota! So many behind the scenes things to deal with and finish. I have 7 days until I leave for New Orleans. I'm trying to think of fun things like bead shopping, dinner in the French Quarter, a week with my beloved mom and auntie. Meeting new/old friends, visiting tropical beaches, getting dressed up for dinner, having someone make my bed and clean my room each day. Come on, that has to be the best part of the whole trip. A whole week of beads, friends and all sorts of pampering. It's much nicer to focus on those things and not my ever-growing list of tasks.

So I have decided tomorrow is the last day for orders from my etsy shop. With the help of my assistant I plan to have all orders shipped by Monday. And then I can focus on work to take on the cruise, preparing for my classes and actually enjoying a few relaxing evenings with my family before I run off to parts unknown.

I wish I could pack you all up in my suitcase and bring you along for the fun!


Rosanne said...

If you're bringing that big suitcase I bet I can fit in it!
Its getting closer all the time for me to get on that bird and head south!
I know you are busy but...
I sent you a spreader of love
blog award you can see it on my blog.

a2susan said...

Heather - everything will work out, it always does. The cruise last year was terrific and everyone enjoyed it - look how many people are returning. So don't worry and get stressed out, we're just happy to be going and will enjoy ourselves no matter what! Susan

Pretty Things said...

I really understand your feeling! I get that way every time I do a show, and heaven help me if I have two in two consecutive weeks.

You could do like I do and run away to my bed with a good book and a snack? Even if it's just for a little while?