May 31, 2010

23 Days of Inspiration: Gnomes

The inspiration for these little guys came from two places.  First, last summer I heard illustrator Don Yaccarino speak at a children's book conference and he mentioned his new book, Lawn to Lawn about a gnome, lawn jockey and other yard ornaments.  Gnomes?  My right eyebrow arched inquisitively and I made a little sketch in my notebook. 

So when I got home and started thinking about gnomes I couldn't help by remember Amelie and her father's gnome.  If you don't know the movie, Amelie steals her father's garden gnome and sends it around the world with her friend who is a flight attendant to be photographed.  The photos finally inspire Amelie's Dad to let go of the past and start off on his own adventure.  Love it!

So that's how my gnomes came to be. Now, go order Amelie from Netflix, it's such a sweet and quirky movie! 


Dale said...

cute beads

I really love the movie is my favorite movie of all time. Have you seen previews for the director's new movie, Micmacs? You need to check that out for sure... youtube that trailer up.

Pretty Things said...

LOVE the gnomes! I've been actually looking for a garden gnome to put outside my studio, can you believe it?

Display Centres said...

I love them also. You can't stop falling for their cuteness. Wonderful post! Thank you for posting.