May 25, 2010

23 Days of Inspiration: October Skies

October Skies were a limited edition series from last fall, I hope to whip us some more for the show.  I love autumn!  The cooler days, the changing colors of the season, sweaters, scarves, hot tea - these are all tiny bits of bliss.  With summer just starting, I know I should live in the moment.  But you'd have to spend a summer day in Texas to understand my longing for the cool nights of October already!  I was made for North, what can I say.

Photograph from Life is Good on Flickr.


mairedodd said...

the 23 days of inspiration are terrific! confession time, we had a particularly hot and muggy night last week and i was taken to wishing for the crisp nights of autumn, crickets chirping, that special smell... but as you said, summer is nearing - and with it school break... can't rush through time with no homework!

SummersStudio said...

I am longing for autumn as well and summer is only just beginning. Texas summers are not my favourite either but we do get some fabulous winter days. The autumn colour palette you are using is beautiful. Good luck with getting ready for the show!

Jeannie said...

Heather I have been scrolling through your blog and I'm fascinated with your 23 days of inspiration. It just proves that inspiration is all around us 24/7

TesoriTrovati said...

Autumn in Wisconsin is a site to behold. Much like Michigan ;-)
I love the colors and the smells. The chill in the air. I got married in late October and it was gorgeous. Favorite time of the year. Enjoy the day! Erin