May 21, 2010

23 Days of Inspiration: Tiger Lilies

I actually think these are called day lilies.  Tiger lilies have more spots, which is sort of strange considering tigers have stripes.  But whether it's a spot or stripe, the vivid warmth of these lilies remind me of one thing - SUMMER!  Growing up in Michigan we would look forward to the warm days, the sun and sand on the beach, flowers blooming, blueberries and corn from the local farms. 

Yep, tiger lilies remind me of bliss, complete joy, carefree days and why wouldn't you want to capture that in bead form and wear it around your neck?  My beautiful tiger lily beads are made possible with artwork from Allison Fomich.  I can't say I have the same fondness for summer living in Texas, it's a different world down here.  But I do long for the days when I can return home in the summer and enjoy those simple pleasures again.


TesoriTrovati said...

I love hearing about your inspirations. Those flowers scream summer to me too. Enjoy the day. Erin

Beverly Herman said...

The posts on what inspires you are great, as are the beautiful beads they inspire you to make.
Brings out my longing to return home.
I miss Michigan!