July 26, 2012

Finding Your True North

True North

True North by humblebeads 

True North points to knowing what your guiding philosophies are and having a clear direction in life. It's your gut instinct, your guiding light. It keeps you on the path as you journey toward what is true in your life.

Are you navigating unfamiliar territory in your life? I created this pendant to remind me that I do know which direction I need to travel.

The feather pendant was inspired by colorful vintage arrows and is a reminder to shoot straight and keep on target. 

What do you want?  What makes you happy?  Take some time to think about it, start a journal.  Walk around and just let things filter in and out while you do some soul searching. Just because you've been traveling down one path doesn't mean you can't correct course or totally change directions.  Trust yourself - you really do know what you want and what is the best way to go about it.  You may just have to digger a little deeper to face how to make those dreams come true.  

And maps are good for journeys, some maps come in the form of research, some in a good book, some maps are drawn by friends who are leading the way.  Some maps are pieced together from clues you've been collecting your whole life. It's time to take a few of those first steps toward what your heart desires.
Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream by humblebeads

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Gaea said...

So pretty and so true!