July 6, 2012

New Colors

One the fun things about using molds when making beads is the chance I get to play with colors with the same design.  With my paintbrush in hand, the possiblities are endless.  This muted color palette looks lovely with stones in monochromatic hues, wood and brass - easy breezy summer style.

And this fimilar bird has gone through transformations as a sparrow, a cardinal and a wild bird - among others.  Now he has shown up as a robin.  I love robins. First, because they are the first birds you see when spring arrives here in Michigan.  (They happen to be our state bird.)  But this little robin was inspired by the apple orchard down the road from me called Robinettes.  I gave the pendant a spring-ish sky blue background that I saw through those apple trees as we traveled back and forth to home.

And here are three more examples of some of my popular styles in new colors.  These were all part of my new beads at Bead & Button.  I have so many more new beads.  I will try to post a few each day. 

Tomorrow I am setting aside a day to play.  Rosanne and I are going for round two with torch-fire enameling and we are testing out the new Swellegant paints & patinas. 

And then I am going to work on a line of jewelry for my Etsy shop.  Not that I need too, I have so much jewelry made that is just sitting in a suitcase.  But new creations bring new energy and I like feeling energized and excited about something new!

 I really need to sign up for some farmer's markets or something.  But then I look at the temp outside today and think - yeah Etsy shop, that's the ticket. 

Do you have creative plans for the weekend or are your summer weekends packed with outdoor adventures, family and friends? 


lynsey said...

lovely new beads Heather.
The weather here in the UK is going to be awful, so it is the perfect excuse for staying in and beading if you ask me, although my boyfriend and I out might venture out to the movies on Sunday :-)

The Blooming Hare said...

Oh I adore that robin! It's such a wonderful bright piece! Keep cool in the warm weather!