July 11, 2012

Working with Linen Cord and Humblebeads

This summer I have been making jewelry in between my crazy beadmaking sessions.  This is a pendant I whipped up the other day.  I can't get enough of tiger lilies.  I'm also loving waxed linen and just ordered some more from White Clover Kiln. (Check them out!)  I'm gearing up to do a few craft shows/markets to sell my work.  I miss doing shows, chatting with folks, meeting new artists, seeing my jewelry go off to good homes.  Yep, all sweet stuff.

So something I've discovered is that the holes on my pendants just aren't quite large enough for waxed linen, but I have super easy fix to share with you.  This works whether you need to enlarge a whole for a bigger jump ring or a cord.

Required tool: Round Nose Pliers

Stick the tip of the pliers in the hole and give it a little push, slow and gentle until you make the hole big enough for your cord.  This only works if you need a slightly bigger hole.  I wouldn't suggest doing this to enlarge the hole more than a 1 or 2 mm bigger.

I'm thinking this is super cute for quick and simple pendants with my tiny charms.  I'm making these to sell at the Farmers Market - if I can get a booth.  It's a little tough getting in around here, but I'll try my luck in a few weeks.

Blog special: buy 4 tiny charms and get one free.  When you check out include in the note section which charm you'd like as your bonus one!   This special is good until Friday.  


Carson W said...

I am in love with that necklace! I have never done a caft show. I wouldn't even know where to start. Any suggestions?

Barbara said...

This is a wonderful tip, Heather! I've shared it on my FB biz page. I do this a lot but never put 2 & 2 together!

Shai Williams said...

Heather since you are enjoying the waxed linen you might want to take a look at B Tucan Inc (https://www.btoucan.com/). There isn't as wide of a variety but you can pick up 45 yards as low as $2.90.